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School Financial Statement

1. Non-Financial Information

Name of OrganisationContact Information
 Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
 Name of Contact Person:
Administration Manager 
Telephone No: 62561633
Address: 60 Barker Road, Singapore 309919 Fax No: 62561366
Email Address: acsbr@moe.edu.sg
Web-site Address: http://acsbr.moe.edu.sg/
Charity Status IPC Status
Charity Regn No: Exempt Charity
Charity Regn Date: N.A.   
A Member of Education Central Fund 
Constitution: N.A.
Date of Establishment: N.A.
ROS/RCB Regn No: N.A. 
Vision: Generations of educated men who are God-fearing and growing in Grace No. of Beneficiaries: N.A. 

Programs/ Activities: NIL 
Mission: Touch Hearts, Empower Minds, Enrich Souls For last year: NIL 

Board of Governors  
Mr Richard Seow Yung Liang [Chairman]  
Dr Lee Li Eng  
Mr Lim Jen Howe  
Mr Low Wee Ping  
Mr R Chandra Mohan  
Rev Kenneth Huang Teng Han  
Mr Benson Phua  
Dr Ang Peng Tiam  
Mr Timothy Chew  
Mr Tay Puan Siong  
Rev (Dr) Ngoei Foong Nghian  
Mr Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara  
Mr Tan Chong Tze Peter [Secretary]  
Mr Tan Chong Tze Peter  
Mrs Aw Meng Yin  
Mr John Wu  
60 Barker Road, Singapore 309919  
Nexia TS Public Accounting Corporation  
Standard Chartered Bank

2. Financial Information

Note: The financial information posted online is extracted from audited accounts and annual report. 

Note Year 1 2012 Year 2 2013 Year 3 2014 % Increase/ (Decrease) [Year 3 on 2]
(S$'000) (S$'000) (S$'000)
Donations in cash 206 391 284 -27%
Tax Deductible
Non-tax Deductible
Donations in kind
Tax Deductible
Non-tax Deductible
Grants/Sponsorships 1,398 1,370 1,353 -1%
Investment income - 2 3 33%
Investment gains
Others (Please specify if material) 8 278 939 252 -73%
Total Income          
  1,882 2,702 1,892 -30%  
Direct Fund-Raising Expenses - 83 - -100%
Charitable Activities Expenses
Other Operating & Administration Expenses 9 583 674 685 2%
Others (Please specify if material) 10 1,408 1,376 1,358 -1%
Total Expenditure 1,991 2,133 2,043 -4%
Surplus/ (Deficit) (109) 569 (152) -127%  
BALANCE SHEET Note Year 1 2012 Year 2 2013 Year 3 2014 % Increase/ (Decrease) [Year 3 on 2]
  (S$'000) (S$'000) (S$'000)
Land and Buildings 25,909 24,613 23,318 -5%
Other Tangible Assets 187 175 145 -18%
Investments - -
Inventories - - -
Accounts Receivable 66 128 121 -6%
Cash & Deposits 321 1,179 857 -27%
Others (Please specify if material) 7 122 151 199 32%
Total Assets 26,605 26,247 24,640 -6%
Unrestricted Fund 1 18 587 436 -26%
Restricted Fund 2 26,375 25,188 23,805 -5%
Endowment Fund 3 - - -
Total Funds 26,393 25,775 24,241 -6%
Long-Term Liabilities - - -
Current Liabilities 211 472 398 -16%
Total Liabilities 211 472 398 -16%
Total Funds and Liabilities 26,605 26,247 24,640 -6%
Other Information Note Year 1 2012 Year 2 2013 Year 3 2014 % Increase/ (Decrease) [Year 3 on 2]
Donations/ Grants and Sponsorships given to other Charities (S$'000) N/A N/A N/A N/A
No. of Employees 102 100 113 13%
Total Employee Costs (S$'000) N/A N/A N/A
Total Related Party Transactions (S$'000) 4 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Fund-Raising Efficiency 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ratio of reserves to annual
operating expenditure
6 N/A N/A N/A N/A

3. For Each Fund-Raising Event that raises $1 million or more

Fund-Raising Activities 
and Planned Use 
of Funds Raised
Total Fund raised
Fund Raising Expenses (S$'000)

  1. These are generally unrestricted funds which the IPC is free to use for its programmes and operating costs e.g. General Fund.
  2. These are special funds held by the IPC that can only be applied for specific purposes e.g., General Fund.
  3. These are fund which the IPC holds in trust for the benefit of the IPC as a capital fund. Generally, only interest income from Endowment Funds are used, and not the capital sum.
  4. Related Party Transactions refer to transactions between the IPC and another person where either person could have influence over the other. For example, if a board member of an IPC is related to a certain supplier of services for the IPC, the value of the transactions should be disclosed. Refer to the Financial Reporting Standards for the full definition of Related Party Transactions.
  5. This is expressed in the ratio of A to B, where A refers to Direct Fund-raising Expenses and sponsorships relating to fund raising (where receipts have been issued by sponsors): and B refers to total donations received from fund-raising and sponsorships relating to fund-raising (where receipts have been issued by sponsors).
  6. This is expressed in the ratio of C to D, where C refers to Unrestricted Funds; and D refers to Charitable Activities Expenses and Other Operating and Administration Expenses.
  7. Government grant and contribution form other organisation for the purchase of depreciable assets are taken to the capital grant account. The deferred grants are recognised in the income and expenditure account over the periods necessary to match the depreciation of the assets purchased with the related grants.
  8. Includes fund raising events of S$
  9. Includes utilities of S$609,000 (2014), S$597,000 (2013), S$326,000 (2012).
  10. Depreciation.