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Academic matters

Academic Coaching Matters

Effective Start Date of Academic Coaching: Term 1 Week 3 - Secondary 2-5; Term 1 Week 4 - Secondary 1

All sessions are from 1445 to 1530 hrs on Monday to Thursday except for Friday 1400 to 1445 hrs.

CCA will commence from 1530 hrs onwards on Monday to Thursday except for Friday 1500 to 1800 hrs.

Day Monday
(1445-1530 hrs)
(1445-1530 hrs)
(1445-1530 hrs)
(1440-1445 hrs)
Sec 3

SS & Electives
& Geog


A & E Maths

Pure & Comb Sci/Bio/MT

Sec 4

Pure & Comb
Sc & Bio

SS & Electives
& Geog/ History

A & E Maths


 Lower Sec  Geog/Hist  EL/Lit  Math   Science/MT

Updated academic coaching/consultation schedule for Secondary 4/5 for Term 4 can be found here.

Please note that the following lessons conducted in the afternoons take precedence over the coaching sessions.

Official Afternoon lessons in 2016
HCL Monday & Friday from 1500 to 1700 hrs (Beatty Secondary)
Monday & Thursday from 1600 to 1800 hrs (Ang Mo Kio Secondary)

CLB Tuesday from 1500 to 1730 hrs
Art Monday from 1500 to 1730 hrs
(For Sec 4 students taking Art as additional subjects)
Music Sec 3s: Wednesday from 1515 to 1730 hrs
(Crescent Girls’, Catholic High)

Thursday from 1515 to 1730 hrs St Margaret’s)
Sec 4s: Wednesday from 1515 to 1730 hrs (Catholic High)
Coursework Intensive FCE and D&T Wednesday 1345 to 1530 hrs
(Semester 1)

1.  The schedule is to ensure protected time for the respective subjects. Students identified for coaching for each subject will be notified by their respective teachers.
2.  Scheduled time-slots may also be used for make-up lessons/laboratory sessions for an entire class should there be a need.

To monitor the academic coaching days for your son, please log in with your son's NRIC at the link here: http://bit.ly/acadcoaching

The system will indicate the days on which your son is required to attend academic coaching.

Teachers will update the academic coaching list as and when necessary and all changes will be reflected.

Assessment Period Matters

Assessment Period (AP) schedule can be downloaded here.
More information about the Assessment Period, e.g. topics, duration and format, can be found here.

Please note that Thursday's AP on 07 Jul 2016, will be shifted to Friday, 08 Jul 2016. Consequently, Thursday's 0800-0900 hrs lessons will follow Friday's 0800-0900 hrs lessons.

Time-table Matters

Time-table for Semester 2, version 1.1, can be downloaded here. Please note that this version, version 1.1, is the latest version, effective from Term 3 Week 2 onwards.

Initials of staff can be downloaded here.

Updated 12 SEP 2016.